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The Smartphone of a Traveller

Which are the best apps for traveller, the must have?

Truth to be told, our smartphone has become our best friend in everyday life. It helps us in each aspect of our daily life, not only for our job, also during our spare time.

Taking in consideration only the subject of our blog (travelling) we have tryed to fill out a list of the must have apps a traveller should have on her/his smartphone.

Here we are not telling you which app are needed, we are only showing which categories of app to install. We forward you to our posts where, for each category, you will find a review of the apps we think best represents that category.

First App

Best app for traveller - Translators

You can travel in your home Country, or abroad; so, the first app you should install is a translator. Even if you can translate also directly from a web browser, an app is definitely better. Check our review to see which app we selected.

Since you are abroad, the second app that can’t miss on your smartphone is a currency converter; it is a very useful tool to know exactly what you are spending on your journey.

Best app for Traveller - Maps

No matter if you are in your home Country or abroad, if you are travelling in a never visited city, you need the modern version of a paper map: a navigator app. Discover more about them with our review.

Are you leaving by car, by train or by plane? If the last one is your choice, then you can’t avoid installing the app of the Airline Company with which you are flying. It is not mandatory, but it is deeply suggested. In it you can perform online check in and, most of all, manage your boarding pass. Arriving at the gate with digital boarding pass is definitely easier, smarter and faster. Nevertheless, forests and our Planet will thank you.

While there

Best app for Traveller - Weather forecast

Generally speaking, I’m an easy traveller; I prefer to travel with a very light suitcase, taking only the things I need. With this in mind, a weather forecasting app is a must have! Better if a week or two before leaving, you start monitoring the weather in the city you are going to. In this way you will be prepared about which clothes take with you.

Best app for Traveller - Social Networks

During your stay, I guess you are going to take a lot of pictures: have you consider to share them with your friends on your Social Account like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter? My preferred one is Instagram; what about you?

Best app for Traveller -  - Music

Surely not a must have, but absolutely preferred is an app to listen to your music (or to connect to our selected playlist) and an app to read ebook. They are a great companion for your journeys.

Last, but not least, an app with the advices of other travellers for restaurants, bars and accomodation is a must.

These are the essential apps should be present on the smartphone of the traveller. There is still one thing you shouldn’t forget: put the link to our home page as one of the favourites of your Internet Browser; it will be your best friend abroad.