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Travel to Iran

Travel To Iran

Travel to Iran has always fascinated me even if I have never had the opportunity to go there. Iran, or Persia as this Country is still today called using its ancient name, is the home of one of the most ancient cultures of the World. Despite news we can every day listen on TV or on newspaper, Iran is ready to welcome travellers with its landscapes, its culture, its traditions and its millenial history.

So, today I want to speak about a group of girls and guys, in love with their Country who decided to show it to the world. They are a group of local independent tour guides which is promoting travel to Iran all over the World. Some days ago I met Gloria, one of them; we spent some time talking about her Country and this project, which she is part of.

Iran - Persepolis - The Ancient Persia
Persepolis – The Ancient Persia

So let’s go and meet Gloria.

The Land of Arya

Gloria and her husband

Davide: Hi Gloria, nice to meet you. You told me you are a group of local turistic guides based in Iran, with the aim of promoting travel to Iran all over the World, aren’t you?

Gloria: Nice to meet you Davide. Yes, you are right. Months ago, our friends and families gathered together and created this group of local tour guides. Today, a master of Archeology, a ski trainer, an Architect, an off-road traveler… and many others joined a group of travelholics, whose aim is to let travellers enjoy their best trips to Iran.

Davide: Wow, a perfect and complete team. When did you start your project?

Gloria: We have started to plan for our cooperation around one year ago, but it is only in the last four months that we began to introduce ourselves at Instagram. From then on, our attempts are to attract people from the whole World to our beautiful Country.

Davide: So, I see that you introduce yourselves to the World as The Land Of Arya; where does this name come from?

Gloria: Well Davide, the reason is very easy and it sinks its roots in our history. Thousands of years ago, Arians entered the Iranian Plateau and found it very attractive to live in. So, this is where the name of the Land of Arya comes from.

Davide: Who is your standard user?

Gloria: Anyone who travel to Iran and has a special plan for their journey into Persia can call us and choose between different kinds of tours with a lot of options. From a certain point of view, you can consider us as the friends you are looking for to plan your trip and enjoy your stay in Iran.

How to Travel to Iran

Iran - Shiraz - The Eram Garden
The Eram Garden of Shiraz

Davide: How does it work? I mean, if I want to plan a tour in Iran, how can I contact you? Instagram, Facebook, mail, …?

Gloria: Well Davide, we made everything as easy as possible. When you decide to come to Iran, simply contact us. You can do it in a lot of ways; you can contact us via Social Network: Instagram or Facebook. If you don’t feel much confident with Social Network, you can also write us an email, or even text us on Whatsapp (+989126448184). Then, we will show you the options for your tour.

Davide: Speaking about the tours, how long does a tipical tour takes, on avarage?

Gloria: Well, it depends. It is completely up to you. In fact, we offer plans from a one-single-day tour up to a fifteen-days-long tour. When you contact us, we will provide you with all the options and you can choose between our brochures. There are some general tours that you can choose anytime, but we also offer some seasonal tour packages which are season specific.

The Tombs of Saadi and Hafiz in Shiraz - poets and gnostics of VII and VIII Century
The Tombs of Saadi and Hafiz in Shiraz – poets and gnostics of VII and VIII Century

A Suggestion

Davide: Should you suggest me a tour now, which will your advice be?

Gloria: I love them all, and making a choice is very hard as each one of them has its own features and peculiarities. But, if you want me to recommend you a place to visit, well my choice is for Shiraz, the ancient city of poets and culture. It is also the best climate you have ever experienced, whatever the season you decide to visit it. Here you can visit the tombs of the poets Saadi and Hafiz, or you can relax in one of the most beautiful gardens you’ve ever seen: the garden of Eram. Or you can remain breathless in front of the Mosque of Nasir-ol-Molk: a real miracle!

Iran Shiraz - The Mosque of Nasir-ol_Molk
The stunning Mosque of Nasir-ol-Molk in Shiraz

Davide: As you know, Gloria, at first sight, for a Western tourist, visiting Iran could seem a little bit complicated; which advice or tip would you like to give to a Western tourist to better prepare theirselves for the journey?

Gloria: Specify your trip duration in order not to face any problems with your Visa, then simply forget all about news and enjoy your stay in Iran.

Davide: Our meeting is nearly ending. The Land of Arya is very young, as you started four months ago, but I see you have very clear ideas. Which are your plans for the future?

Gloria: We have started this as a part-time job. Now, we are going to develop our business and make it a full time job for all the group members.

Davide: That’s great! I wish you all the best: you have a great team, a great Country and the right attitude to succeed in your project.

Gloria: Thanks a lot Davide.


That was my meeting with Gloria, speaking about the group of local guides of The Land Of Arya. What I like most about their project is the love and passion they put in what they do. Moreover, I think their attitude of proposing themselves as a local friend of the traveller and not as just their guide, will be the winning turning point of their project. It is their way to make a traveller feel not as a tourist but as a temporary citizens.

Iran - Shiraz - The Eram Garden
The Eram Garden of Shiraz

All the pictures you see in this post have been provided by this promising group of local guides. As you can see, Iran is really a place worth seeing. Maybe some of you will be inspired and will contact them to plan a travel to Iran.

Some of you have already been there?

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