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intestellar: an interesting sci-fi movie

Interstellar is one of the most interesting Sci-Fi Movie of the last decade. Directed by Christopher Nolan, with a first-rate cast, it won an Oscar prize for the Special Effect and it had four Oscar prize nominees. It is the story of the struggle of a man, Cooper, divided between the love for his daughter Murph and his sense of duty. Pushed by his sense of duty, he leaves the Earth for the Deep Unknown Space to find salvation for mankind; only the love for his daughter will allow him to go back home, giving her daughter the key to save the mankind.

The Plot

Cooper and his daughter Murph
Cooper and his daughter Murph

In the XXI Century, Earth is becoming more and more hostile; a plague, which feeds itself with the oxygen, is leaving only few years for Earth’s inhabitants. On this scenario, a former NASA engineer, Cooper, lives in his farm with his father-in-law, his son Tom and his daughter Murph. Murph, a little genius in math and science, spends her life in her bedroom; here she thinks a ghost lives and communicate with her. During a sand storm, the ghost send Murph a binary code with geographical coordinates of a hidden and mysterious place on Earth. Immediately Cooper hopped in his car towards this mysterious destination. Murph, hides herself in the car to go with him.

a trip to find a new home for mankind

Following ghost’s instructions they arrived in an hidden former NASA base directed by Professor John Brand. He sees Cooper as a sort of predestined and reveals them the goal of that Base. Ten years before, soon after the discovery of a wormhole (a sort of space-time door) twelve astronauts had been sent towards twelve earth-like planets to find the “new home for mankind“.

Only three of them, all near a black-hole, sent some data. So NASA needs Cooper to go there and find if one of them can receive the last generations of human. Cooper understands that he represents the only hope for mankind, but he also knows that it will be a whole-lifetime mission and the risk to never meet again Tom and Murph is concrete. In addition, he can’t explain the real reasons of the mission to Murph, who doesn’t want him to leave. He says to Amanda:

When you become father, you’ve got clear one thing. You want your children to feel safe. You can’t say your ten-years-old girl that the world is about to end


Nevertheless Cooper leaves with Amelia Brand (the daughter of Professor Brand), two scientists and two robots.

in the deep space

Travelling into the deep space
Travelling into the deep space

The first planet reveals itself as completely inhospitable and it costs a lot; the loss of one of the two scientists (dead during the attempt to land on the planet) and the passing of 23 terrestrial years, due to the nearness of the planet to the black-hole. So the mission proceed towards another planet, where they find the astronaut (Doctor Mann) still alive; he changed data to pretend his planet can host life.

In reality it is inhospitable too.

In the meanwhile, on Earth, dying Professor Brand reveals Murph that the real goal of Cooper’s mission was to find a new planet and start a new mankind with the frozen embryos hold into the spaceship. He never really thought to find the solution to the equations. Desperate for the revelation, she sends a message to her father, asking if he was aware of Professor Brand’s beliefs. Cooper receives the message while on Doctor Mann’s planet and decides to come back home. Doctor Mann, knowing the real plans of Professor Brand, stole the spaceship to go to the last planet. A fight arose and Doctor Mann and the second scientist died, while the spaceship Endurance is damaged.

There is only one last chance for Mankind to save itself. Amelia and Cooper decide to take different roads; Amelia would go towards the last planet with the Endurance; Cooper, on the contrary, would try to come back home using the black-hole.

the ghost – a revelation

Passing through the black hole, Cooper ends in a new dimension (the so called tesseract); here he realizes that the “ghost” of his young daughter Murph was, in reality, himself in this new dimension. So he can send the gravitational data that Murph, now grown up, needs to solve the equations Professor Brand couldn’t. These data will allow to control gravity and, thanks to them, Mankind will leave Earth searching for a new home.

After having sent data to Murph, Cooper exits the black hole. He awakes in an hospital bed inside a space station orbiting around Saturn. Here doctors explain him what happened: Murph received data and could realize the plan to save Earth inhabitants. They tell him also that Murph, now about 90 years old , is flying there to meet him again. On their struggling reunion, Murph reveals him, young as when he started the mission, that Amelia Brand is still flying to the last planet, the final destination also of all spaceships from Earth and invites him to join her.

The Cast

The Cast of Interstellar: Anne Hathaway (Amelia) - Mattew McConaughey (Cooper) - Jessica Chastain (Murph) - Matt Damon (Doctor Mann) - Michael Caine (Professor Brand)
The All-Star Cast – Source Wikipedia

Christopher Nolan directs Mattew McConaughey as Cooper and Anne Hathaway as Amelia Brand in Interstellar. Who knows that Anne Hathaway is famous not only as a great actress, but also as a dubber? She won also an Oscar Prize for her role as a dubber in the Simpsons TV Series.

Matt Demon stars Doctor Mann while Michael Caine is Professor Brand.

Finally, Jessica Chastain is Murph Cooper. Jessica has been considered one of the top 100 influencer women of the world. She is extremely active in giving support to associations who sustain students with problems related to bullying. To Write Love in Her Arms is one of the Charity Organization sustained by her commitment.

Science or Fiction

As we said before, Interstellar is one of the most interesting Sci-Fi movie of the last decade. At first sight it is something really out of our Reality, at least as we actually know it. But defining it as something without any scientific basis is quite reductive and simplistic.

The main paradox in Interstellar is the fact that Cooper cannot save mankind because what he did is strictly dependent on what he would have done in the future. This paradox could be “easily” overcome if we thought at time not as a linear continuum but as a circle. There are some solutions of the equation of Einstein Relativity Theory which allow the evidence of some closed timelines, the so called Closed Timelike Curves. According to these solution, an object travelling into future will find itself in its own past. Even if in contrast with the principle of causality, these lines are possible from a mathematic and physics point of view.

It all starts with a scientific truth: “quantum mechanics and relativity don’t agree with each other” and that is a fact. These are the famous equations that Professor Brand is trying to solve, without success, during all of his life.

the wormhole

Interstellar does not suggest a solution to these equations but it tells us that solution is inside a black-hole; we simply have to go there inside and see the solution. Interstellar gives us a possible way to go there, suggesting the existence of the wormholes. A wormhole, also known as Einstein-Rosen bridge, is a sort of tunnel which, connecting two black-holes, would allow to move at a speed greater than the speed of light and, in theory, would allow to move across time. A wormhole would be a sort of cosmic time machine. Even though these are only scientific speculations (there is, in fact, no scientific evidence of them) from a mere theoretical point of view they could exist. And, if they could exist, also the theory of Interstellar seems in a certain way reasonable.

The main aspect of the explanation suggested by Interstellar is a bridge between science and love. Murph finds the solutions to join Quantum Mechanics with Relativity (Science) but she could do this only because her father and her can communicate (Love) even at million miles away and from different dimension. It is their connection that allows them to communicate and save Mankind. Here science comes again, trying to give a possible explanation, based upon the concept of entanglement. According to this quantum mechanic concept, two systems that, at a certain point came in contacts with each other, then they are forever connected. Tesseract is only a visual representation of the entanglement between Murph and her father and so their way to communicate even from different dimensions.

What is not said here is that entanglement regards only the micro-systems and could not apply to macro-system (human beings for example).

a scientific basis to the theory?

So, even if fiction, we can see “solid” scientific basis behind this movie. This is certainly due to the fact that theoretical physicist Kip Thorne was one of the main scientific consultant and also an executive producer. He gave also a great contribution to the visual representation of the black-hole as it is represented near the end of the movie when Cooper is approaching it. For almost one year, in fact, he guided a team of scientists to create this model of black-hole, basing the representation on the modern Physics theories. What we see in the movie is the most “real” representation of a black-hole, as our knowledge allows us.

This movie couldn’t miss in our library: have you already seen it? What do you think of it and of the “scientific” theories behind?

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