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Travel guides for short term Citizen

Travel guides and tips for travelling for one day trip

A new generation of travellers is rising: the so called short term citizens. They visit places no more like a tourist, but as active parts of the local communities. For this reason, this blog is a collection of travel guides and tips for travelling dedicated to all those people on a one day trip in a wonderful city of the world. These travel guides have the aim to make them feel as a part of the local community they are visiting.

In the last 10 years I have been travelling around the world, having the luck to visit places that a common job 9 to 5 didn’t allow me to do. 

I have been there for work, but I did all my best to reserve me some hours (when possible) to visit places, meet people, do experiences I could hardly do in another way. So I collected a lot of tips for travelling on my one day trips.

The best tip for travelling

Do you know which is my best tip for travelling?

Never be tired and always search for the unexpected.

I like to consider myself nor a tourist nor a traveler, feeling something different from these two categories: no one of them can completely describe my attitude or my feelings when I am travelling.

During my travels I learned to pay attention to the details. When you go and visit Rome for example, it’s easy to remain breathless in front of Saint Peter Basilica. But I will always be grateful to those local people who gave me their tips for travelling their city as if I were one of them; eating in the small restaurants far from the commercial crowd of tourists for example.

A definition of short term citizen

Recently I had the opportunity to attend to an interview with Matteo Frigerio, the new Airbnb Country Manager for Italy. The discussion took place at MIP, the Graduate School Of Business Of Politecnico di Milano and it was about Innovation Mindset. During this interview Matteo Frigerio gave the definition I was looking for so many times: short term citizen

That’s exactly how I feel when travelling: a short term citizen of the city I’m visiting. I want to feel at home in each place of the World I am or, in other words, as said during the interview, I want to be immersed in the authentic sociocultural life of a place.

From this point of view, also the idea behind my blog changes and better defines its own meaning; suggesting you what to do in your one day trip in a wonderful city is like giving you advice on what to do this evening when Earth is your home.

This is the list of the cities I’ve visited during these years. 

Travel guides and tips for travelling

Turkish Moon: here is where I learned my best tips for travelling: Never be tired and always search for the unexpected.

Antalya – Turkey

Antalya is strictly bound to one of the most tiring, indeed exciting, travel I’ve ever done. I was driving all the night from Gazipasa to Izmir. In the middle of the night, somewhere on the mountains above Antalya, noone was there but me, the see and the most beautiful moon I’ve ever seen.

Wonderful Sight of the city of Assisi; follow our travel guide for the place where Saint Francis lived eight centuries ago.

Assisi – Italy: a travel guide in the heart of art and religion

Do you want to experiment a time travel experience? A one day trip in the Medieval Times. So you have to go to the Centre of Italy. Then walk along the streets of stone to feel transported in the Italian Middle Ages. So, forget the frenzy of our modern cities and slow down at the rhythm of those years: it is something absolutely regenerating.

What to see in Buenos Aires on a one day trip? Read our travel guides for Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – Argentina

The Capital City of Republic of Argentina captured my heart with its beauty. Two neighborhood caught my attention in particular: read our travel guides for Puerto Madero, with its modernity and dynamicity and for Republica di San Telmo, with its romantic atmosphere of old Europe.

This is not a travel guide for Cuzco, but a tip for your travelling there: be open to meet the local people.

Cuzco – Peru

I’ve been in Cuzco only one time in my life, and it was only for one day. Indeed it has been enough to meet one of the most interesting person I’ve ever met. He was the owner of the hotel where I stayed that night and we spent a wonderful dinner together. Even if this is the city where I didn’t see quite anything of local amenities, I consider it one of the best places I’ve seen.

Elba Island: feel like Napoleon a short term citizen of this island and then go back to conquer other beautiful cities in the world

Elba Island – Italy

Would you like to forget the stress of your daily life? Then, follow us in this journey on the footprints of Napoleon. Visit the rooms where he spent the days of his first exile and swim in the beautiful waters of this Italian island. Finally, taste the best recipes of the italian seafood.

The wonderful city of Florence as seen from the eyes of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Dante

Florence – Italy: a travel guide for the homeland of the italian culture

Follow Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti and, obviously, Dante Alighieri in this one day trip into the homeland of the italian culture, where our language was born. Let them introduce you the main museum and artwork of this wonderful city and do not forget to follow also their “culinary” advices.

What to see in Goteborg in one day - the Pier in Nordstaden

Goteborg – Sweden

During your journey in Goteborg, do not forget to visit The Pier. In one single place, you could see so many different world: the ship Viking, an uncommon hotel-restaurant; a nautical museum, the docks and the Goteborg Opera House, with the statue of Evert Taube.

Join the young inhabitants of Groningen and live a short term citizen experience in this wonderful city in the north of Europe

Groningen – The Nederlands

One of the most surprising city I have ever visit. Maybe due to the presence of the University with all its students, its a very vital city. You can breath liveliness and dynamism all over the streets. But, don’t forget to visit the famous Martini Tower with its 62 bells carrilon.

Dawn on the Cordillera of the Andes: the best show I have ever seen. My only tip for travelling in this case is: go there and see it.

Iquique – Chile

General tip for travelling: there is no place on Earth which is not worth value to be seen. In the middle of nowhere, I found the most beautiful place I have ever been. Thousands miles from home, on a low cost flight, Universe played for me the most beautiful show I have ever seen. Maybe it has been a so beautiful experience also because it has been completely unexpected.

Want to travel to Iran? Follow the tips for travelling there of a local group of tourist guides I recently met

Iran – Iran

I’ve never been to Iran, it’s not so a common destination for a western tourist; indeed it has always fascinating me with its millennial culture. By chance, I had the opportunity to meet a group of passionate tourist guides; that’s their story and their trips for travelling in Iran. Even if it is an unusual destination, indeed I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Miami, my best short term citizen experience. Read this travel guide and follow my tips for travelling

Miami – USA, Florida

There was a time in which I considered Miami as my second home. So we can easily say this is my best short term citizen experience. Between 2010 and 2012 I’ve been living in Miami for, I guess, six or even more months. I lived in a wonderful apartment in Downtown Miami, just beside Bayside with an amazing view on the Ocean. It has been fantastic! I guess it was one of the most important experience of my life as a short term citizen.

Kimi Raikkonen runs his Ferrari in the street of the wonderful city of Milan

Milan – Italy: Formula 1 Milano Festival

The most advanced technology in the automotive sectors meets common people on a strange and unusual place. It is a really new kind of show, but it was exciting looking at the Formula 1 cars running at a couple of meters from our eyes. A great show I attended with my kids.

Each neighborhood of this wonderful city holds stories which are willing to be told. Discover the ones of Milan Lambrate in this travel guide

Milan – Italy – Lambrate: the travel guide for the shortest trip of this blog

These are the streets I normally walk every day to go to work. Follow this simple exercise and learn how to find beauty even where and when we don’t think it could be. Pay attention to what surrounds you because you’re going to find the unexpected! Every day can become a one day trip to a new wonderful city.

Discover what to see in the wonderful city of Rome on a one day trip with our travel guide

Rome – Italy

Each stone in this city has its own story to be told. So, take a walk on the streets of the Capital City of Italy and fill your eyes and soul with the beauty of its monuments. I’m sure you will appreciate our travel guide for this wonderful city. Do not forget to take a look from the so-called “KeyHole of Rome“; it is a monument from which you could enjoy a wonderful sight of Cupola di Saint Peter (or the “Cupolone” as friendly called by the Romans on their slang).

Spend some times as a short term citizen of Singapore and made yours the habits of its inhabitants

Singapore – Singapore: a travel guide into a completely different world

I went to Singapore two times in my life. It is a wonderful city. I can still remember the extreme sense of security and safeness I experimented there. I guess it will be difficult for me to find a safer place then Singapore.

What to see in Sydney in one day - Bondi Beach, one of the most representative part of this wonderful city

Sydney – Australia

Sydney is a wonderful city I’m very fond of. Between February and March 2012 I was there for a couple of months. It was late summer so the climate was perfect. I lived in an apartment in Bondi Beach and so I had the opportunity to go to the beach each time we finished our working day.

L'Arena: this ancient theater of Verona can take your imagination in whatever part of the world. This theater and its city have surely something magic

Verona – Italy: the travel guide of Romeo and Juliet

Follow us on this journey with two special tourist guides. Discover this wonderful city where the so called star-crossed lovers lived, met and loved each other. Follow Romeo and Juliet’s travel guides and discover their trips for travelling in “fair Verona

Snowy Warsaw: which surprise is going to reserve me this wonderful city?

Warsaw – Poland

I have a relationship of love and hate with this city. I love this city. Nevertheless, each time I’ve been there, something went wrong, and it went wrong in a very big way. Starting from the first time when I was blocked there for days due to the eruption of an Icelandic Volcano, up to last December where no one of the task I had to do could be performed. Indeed, it is still one of my favorite destinations, even if hardly I can do a one day trip in Warsaw.

In Wavre you could feel yourself a short term citizen of Europe of XIX Century

Wavre – Belgium: a travel guide in the history of Europe

The origin of the name of SPA comes from these places near Wavre. In fact, the near town of Spa is the synonym of “termal establishment” since XVI century. To avoid legal issues with the trade mark of the termal and drinking waters of SPA, nowadays it has been created the acronym Salus Per Aquam. Wavre is also famous for the homonym battle of 1815 where the Prussian Army boldly fought against about 33000 french soldiers preventing them to go to Waterloo to help Napoleon.

Hope you really enjoy these travel guides and the tips for travelling you’ll find inside. And I hope you will soon feel as a short term citizen.

The list is continuously updating, so stay tuned.